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Name: Kristen
Age: 17
Location: NJ
Whats your favourtie MLB team[s]: Boston, and I cheer for whomever is playing the yankees
Favourite player[s]: Billy, Damon, Wakefield
Favourite baseballmemory: since I live in NJ, I was surrounded by Yankees fans during ths 2004 ALCS. After the first three games all everyone did was bug me about the Red Sox. When they came back to win, I went into school the next day and sat in my desk, full of pride and watched as every Yankee fan looked glum that morning. Also, that same day. ONe of my teachers who is a huge Red Sox fan put little red sox on all the doors. It made me smile.
How many games do you attend a year: at least two, it is hard to get to Boston from here and getting tickets at Yankees stadium when the Red SOx are in is brutal.
Howd you find us: just happened to look up the name
What do you like best about Billy: I like to think of him as the good-non talkative player. Meaning that he goes out there and does he job well, but sadly does not get enough recognition for his work. He also is a cutey.
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