*~Bell Bennett~* (realitivelysane) wrote in billymueller,
*~Bell Bennett~*


Name: Haley
Age: 13
Location: Vermont
Whats your favourtie MLB team[s]: Red Sox...duh
Favourite player[s]: Bellhorn *sob* Tek, Mueller, Timlin, Nixon
Favourite baseballmemory: It's probably the game I went to this year (In Texas, Rangers vs. Red Sox) it was just...really cool all the way around.
How many games do you attend a year: 1
Howd you find us: I was looking at my friends LJ Info and saw the community and went. "oh billy!"
What do you like best about Billy: I think what I like best is that he goes out there and plays hard everyday, he just does his job, and doesn't make a big deal about commericals or superstar status.
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