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Mueller's Knee Injury Might Threaten Career
By Steve Henson, Times Staff Writer
June 23, 2006

Bill Mueller's season is in jeopardy - and his career might be as well. The veteran third baseman is scheduled to be at Dodger Stadium today to have his right knee evaluated by the team's medical personnel.

He has been at home in Phoenix rehabilitating from surgery on his right knee more than a month ago. It was his third surgery on the knee in three years and recovery has been slow.
Mueller, 35, has been working with physical therapist Brett Fischer, who helped him rehabilitate from the two previous surgeries to his right knee and one to his left knee.

Dodgers trainer Stan Johnston said Mueller has not responded well to treatment and that he is beginning therapy in a swimming pool to reduce the pressure on the knee. An injury expected to keep Mueller sidelined for a maximum of six weeks appears far more grave.

"He gets to a certain point in treatment and starts getting sore," Johnston said. "He's got degenerative, arthritic changes in his knee. There is cumulative damage from all the procedures."

Could Mueller's career be over?

"That's still up in the air," Johnston said.
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